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Recovery Republic Education Ltd is a company offering a broad range of education and training expertise.

Our specialism is primary care and community mental health offering accredited courses ranging from self-help to Diploma level for patients and Primary Health Care Professionals. 


We will tailor our courses to meet individual and organisational needs. Our courses include a Practical Diploma in Primary Care Mental Health and Community Wellbeing for GPs and those working in mental health in Primary Care and the community, which we deliver face to face in a classroom or online via webinar.


Our trainers are experienced in mental health through their work in General Practice, Occupational Health, Social Care, Community and Hospital Mental Health Services, the Voluntary Care Sector, Nursing, and the commissioning of mental health.

They all share a passion for mental health, and belief that good education makes a real difference to the wellbeing of those who deliver and those who receive services.

Post-COVID 19, Primary Care will have the key role in supporting emotional wellbeing and our training will support and prepare you for this.

This course uniquely prepares you for the reality of working in primary care and the community in the future


We use an asset based approach building on the strengths of each individual student using reflection to rediscover latent skills and learn new skills. We recognise the need for individual wellbeing and building on what works. 

We teach practical techniques that are effective in a time limited consultation and workplace situation. Topics covered include wellbeing, social prescribing, community development and primary care mental health, covering the full range of conditions including anxiety, depression, addiction, eating disorders, psychosis, learning disabilities, latent skills and learn new skills. We recognise the need for individual wellbeing and building on what works. 

We also offer conditions management programs focusing on recovery, wellbeing, and positive solutions to emotions such as stress and fear.

Feedback from the people with mental ill health, who help us write the courses, demonstrates that being listened to is key to recovery.

We teach how to build rapport, the importance of compassion and how to listen empathically. We also teach practical skills and encourage participants to identify their own learning needs and intentions in relation to personal and professional development. 

The Diploma provides opportunities for Health and Social Care practitioners to develop and demonstrate knowledge and understanding, qualities, skills, and other attributes. Graduates will be encouraged to publish their work.

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