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"Best academic experience I've ever had"

"I can honestly say it was the best academic experience I have ever had. The impact it has had on my work is huge-my confidence has grown and my enjoyment in the subject so stimulated. I had another Mental Health clinic yesterday and a patient who had a psychotic breakdown in his 50's came with his brother and they said that 30 minutes with me had been more beneficial to them both than 6 months in Secondary care which made my day (I was just actively listening really).

Please keep doing what you're doing and continue to inspire GP's and improve the mental health of patients in General Practice."

"I would recommend this course to anyone"

"I really wanted to thank you for all of your hard work and support on the course, I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend to anyone. I really surprised myself as I really thought I was rubbish at writing and with my dyslexia so had no confidence that I would do so well at all and was very pleasantly surprised. I really feel that I have become a better doctor and helped patients to a greater level since the course."

"Eloquently taught and factually perfect"

A big thank you for all your help and support over the course.  I have found the diploma challenging and stimulating and am sure it has improved my practice in helping patients."
The course was eloquently taught and factually perfect as well and being enjoyable and informative. The guided discussions about case studies and reviews following the discussions were brilliant and the lecturers supportive and enthusiastic.

"You're on our side"

I find that I often use practical tips picked up during these sessions on a daily basis. I also feel you are on our side and understand the difficulties we face as GPs. Thank you!

"Wealth and variety of experience"

The group discussions were useful – lots of members of the group also had a wealth and variety of experience so it was great to be able to hear from them as well.

"More confident in my approach"

I have really enjoyed taking part in this course, it has made me feel a bit more confident in my approach to mental health patients but also really appreciated the heterogeneity of the group so learnt a lot talking to peers and the seminar leaders. It has also made me keen to continue to develop my interest in mental health.

"Always very well facilitated"

I gain a lot from the discussions between us all and find it very valuable to see how different services and setups work in different areas. This is always very well facilitated an I always come away feeling more knowledgeable and a little more empowered.

"Absolutely excellent"

There is a structure & objective to the sessions. By in large the course material matched the presentation and content we discussed on the day. I like the format. Workbook and slides, absolutely excellent.

"Clear and key information"

Provided copy of handbook and slides beforehand, which is useful. Clear and key information provided.

"Very good"

The course booklets are very good.

"Improve my own practice"

I found it very helpful to be able to ask questions during the presentations and the opportunity to learn about other candidates’ experiences giving me the ability to audit and improve my own practice.

"Variety of teaching styles"

There were a variety of teaching styles and many chances to interact with the material covered. The booklet that came with this session was useful, especially the section on a validated risk assessment score for opiate dependency.

"I now have a very good understanding"

Having carefully read both handbook and slides to accompany the course on psychosis, I  now have  a very good understand of all aspects of this disabling illness and the transformation that is part of the recovery process– some of the transformation I can provide in primary care and indeed I already do.

"Case examples made the discussion more real"

The pace was good, allowed one to listen with ease and think about what was being said. I enjoyed the referencing to case examples to make the discussions more real.

"Interesting cases"

Interactive but did not feel pressured. Interesting cases to discuss.

"Made a complex topic easy to understand"

A lecture which was engaging and made a complex topic easy to understand, made relevant and interesting with the well-chosen cases which were thought provoking and provided a chance to reflect everyday practice.

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